Integrity / Krieg – Split LP (Relapse Records)

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Integrity is one of those bands who are respected even by the people who are not into their music. Hailing from Cleveland, they’re playing since 80’s and recorded classics such System Overload, Humanity Is The Devil, Seasons In The Size Of Days who are repressed dozens of times on vinyl and compact disc and sold out in matter of just a couple of days. They made a big impact on the worldwide scene by implementing their metal influences into hardcore music and gained tons of followers who started their own bands during the years. Their side of the split consists of four tracks, two brand new tracks (Scorched Earth & Flames Of The Immortal) and two covers, Document One originally performed by legendary japcore legends G.I.S.M. and Sons Of Satan originally performed by belgian Vermapyre. Both Scorched Earth & Flames Of The Immortal are classic Integrity tracks, slightly similiar to their material from Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume, published by Relapse last year. Also, I have to admit that the covers sound astonishing with perfectly shredded solos, Dwids distinctive vocals and the producton itself gives special atmosphere to the both tracks. Krieg are black metal band from US and their characteristic sound can be compared to the sound of depressive black metal bands from southeast Europe. They contribution to the split consist of three tracks, one new recording (Circle Of Guilt) written and recorded since 2014. and two older tracks (This Time I’ll Leave You To Drown & The Sick Winds Stir The Cold Dawn). Music is chaotic mid tempo black metal, nothing we haven’t heard thousand time before, but Krieg have almost cultish following in the US. I guess this material will find a horde of brand new followers as the time goes by. You should specially avoid it if you’re pure hardcore fan. What makes this release trully interesting is well done cover artwork for both bands. Integrity’s side has a printed glossy skull that shimmers on daylight. Also, there’s a cool tour poster and this edition of a split LP is pressed up to 200 copies. This split may not be suitable for fans of the older works of Integrity, but the beauty of the vinyl itself deserves special place in your vinyl collection.