A Vulture Wake – Fall Prey EP (Bird Attack Records)


My admiration for A Vulture Wake is beyond comprehension. I fell in love with their music since I heard their debut album The Appropriate Level Of Outrage, published by Bird Attack Records at the begining of 2018. No wonder why their music is so fucking great, because band members used to be or they are still part of some of legendary Californian punk rock bands such as ALL, Lagwagon, RKL, Good Riddance, RealMcKenzies. Fall Prey EP is continuation of their debut album and I am glad that their musical style is uncomparable to the music they used or still play in the bands I mentioned above. Melodies are well composed, so all the tracks sound like a story, which I dig a lot. Chad’s vocal is at it’s prime, it seems like he didn’t aged at ALL (you’ve seen what I done there). He’s also responsible for the most of the melodies, so there’s no wonder why the tracks like Collateral Damage, Rifferton or Feed The Machine rules. Cover art is just an inverted artwork of the their debut album, so it clearly indicates that you can expect great music like you used to on their previous material. Fall Prey Ep is a great sonic exploration by some quality punk rock legends and you won’t be dissapointed if you pick it through Bird Attack Records.