Main Line 10 – The Fox

a0778224905_10 (1)

There’s a an urge to expand technical melodic structures on the current skate punk scene. Bands like Propagandhi started it and later on bands like Mute, A Wilhelm Scream, Belvedere and tons of others have sucessfully followed that trend. Sometimes it can be quite interesting how far some bands would go by incoporating other musical genres into punk rock and Main Line 10 are doing that like a pros. The Fox is their sixth album and it delivers nine energetic tracks full of progressive guitar riffs, fast drumming and vocals are pretty awesome with a lot of singalong parts. It’s so cool to hear much more aggressive parts in some tracks, which reminded me of a melodic hardcore punk bands who played at the begining of the 00s. It’s refreshing and to be honest, we need more bands like these. Perfectly executed skate punk album which will leave you breathless from start to the very end. The Fox is fast and aggressive, but well balanced album for the fans of technical skate punk with a lot of sonic adventures into hardcore and metal genres.