Lifeless Dark – Who Will Be The Victims?

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There are few bands that manages to convey the atmosphere of the eighties through their music. By that I mean a complete experience, from vocals and riffs, through the arrangements and production. Boston based Lifeless Dark succeeded in this endeavor and music perfectly conveyed the atmosphere of mid-eighties, in particular highlighting the  beginnings of bands such as Sacrilege, Bolt Thrower, Hellbastard and many others who mixed thrash metal with much darker music such as Amebix used to play at the time. The band consists of No Tolerance and Green  Beret members who are well known bands on the Boston’s hardcore punk scene. I must commend excellent female vocals which reminded me of Pam (Sacrilege). The vocals are at the top of the game on this demo tape and I strongly believe that male vocals wouldn’t sound this good on this material. The demo contains five songs in just over twelve  minutes, which in my humble opinion is more than enough when it comes to bands who play this style of music. Highly recommendend for all the fans of the thrash metal, crossover, crust genres.