Ultra-Lite Released Debut LP “Enjoy Your Time In The Sun”


Philadelphia’s Ultra-Lite describe themselves as ‘New Alt,’ and it’s a good way to think about it. Their prior release “Moldy” pulled from grunge, emo, and post-hardcore, and in the end resembled none of the above. It’s the sort of powerful debut that’s clearly rooted in certain sounds and styles but never feels content to simply ape its idols.

So it’s doubly impressive that the band’s new album “Enjoy Your Time in the Sun” dwarfs that EP. The band hit the studio with producer Joel Hamilton, and delivered an LP full of songs that are crisper, fuller, and more immediate than anything in their past. Lead single “Tears” is bouncy and bold, the kind of song that would fit as comfortably on the radio as it would on a Warped Tour sampler. “Jewel” is a bit fuzzier, built on a whirring guitar riff and a hook that calls back to the heyday of early 2000s radio rock.

For as fully-formed as last year’s EP was, the new songs ratchet things up, showing off the more layered sound the band employs on the album. The riffs hit harder, the hooks pop more, and every single note cuts through clear as day. These songs show off a widescreen version of the band, one that’s hungry for more. It’s a statement of intent: 2023’s Ultra-Lite’s year. “Are you even listening?” Dave Hurban croons in the chorus of “Tears,” and for your sake, I hope you are.

Upcoming Shows:

5/20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Misfit Kava w/ Better Living, Peroxide Blonde

6/9 – Philadelphia, PA @ PhilaMOCA – Enjoy Album Release Show w/ Peroxide Blonde, Mt Worry, Holy Mountain

6/14 – Chattanooga, TN @ Cherry St Tavern

6/16 – Cincinnati, OH @ The Hub

6/17 – Mansfield, OH @ AK Hair Collective





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