Lockstep Release “Arrival” EP

Photo by Destiny Keller

Today, Nashville, TN, trio Lockstep have self-released their debut EP, Arrival. Pulling from post-rock, shoegaze, doom, and noise rock, the six tracks on the EP fit perfectly alongside output from bands like Jesu, Holy Fawn, and Cloakroom. The songs touch on maintaining a sense of presence in life rather than having tunnel vision for the future. Opener “Weave” sets the tone highlighting the bands haunting dual vocals and ability to build depth through moments of quiet and heavy. Title track “Arrival” is a feedback heavy instrumental, while recent single “Hunger” showcases Lockstep’s penchant for lush guitar-driven melodies. “Swelter” closes out Arrival with a whirlwind of emotion that can be found not only in the lyrics, but in the song’s structure that finishes with an almost orchestral level sound despite being performed by three instruments.

The EP was self-produced and recorded by the band with guitarist Matt Schumacher taking the lead on tracking and mixing, and mastering was done by Zac Montez (Cloakroom, Keep).





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