Heart Of A Coward

Heart Of A Coward Drop Video For “Decay”

Heart Of A Coward

British heavyweights Heart Of A Coward have just released the video for the new track “Decay” that shows a more emotional and calmer side from vocalist Kaan Tasan.

“‘Decay’ is written about the certainty of time. Every second that passes we move closer to death. Everything we love will die, everything we know will end. So make the most of the time you have,” says Tasan.

The band is known for its heavy and aggressive sound, which combines elements of metalcore, deathcore, and djent. They are also known for incorporating melodic elements into their music, creating a balance between heaviness and melody.

Heart Of A Coward released their debut album, Hope and Hindrance, in 2012, which received critical acclaim and helped establish the band’s sound and style. They have since released several other albums, including Severance (2013), Deliverance (2015), and The Disconnect (2019).

Throughout their career, Heart Of A Coward have toured extensively, performing at various festivals and sharing stages with other popular metal bands. Their music has gained a significant following, particularly in the UK metal scene, and they continue to be a prominent force in the genre.






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