Punks In The Willows By Alex CF - Earth Island Books

Punks In The Willows By Alex CF (Earth Island Books)

Punks In The Willows By Alex CF - Earth Island Books

Have you ever felt the urge to dive deep into punk rock or eventually learn something more about the movement, but you were never much of a reader? You wanted to explore the looks before you check out some of the bands? Well, this book will fix all your problems. It’s one of the recent releases by the tireless Earth Island Books. Of course, those into punk rock for years know Alex CF as a frontman and songwriter for his bands, such as Fall Of Efrafa, Light Bearer, Momentum, Carnist, Anopheli, Morrow, etc. He also published books like Seek The Throat From Which We Sing, The Orata, and Wretched Is The Husk and is an accomplished illustrator who worked with many bands, artists, individuals, etc.

Punks In The Willows is his latest work that delves deep into the behavior, activities, aesthetics, and fashion of the punk rockers and their music scene. It’s a demonstration and a guidebook for anyone unfamiliar with this longevous movement and its practices. Punks In The Willows showcases musical, political, cultural, and creative aspects through profoundly detailed illustrations that perfectly depict what’s punk rock all about. However, there’s a twist. Instead of channeling all these ideas by through the prism of human activites, the author depicts animals as punks dressed in fully patched battle vests/jackets/jeans with hoodies and shirts of their favorite bands. Each piece perfectly illustrates the process from discovering punk rock to music consumption, attending gigs, community gatherings, or just regular hangouts.

Through these artworks, the author also promotes veganism, animal rights, anarchism, antifascism, LGBTQ+ rights, love, respect, equality, organization, and power of the community, values that the DIY underground punk rock network nurtured and still nurtures for decades. These illustrations are perfect examples of how the punk rock community works when put into practice. Of course, Alex did a jaw-dropping job by illustrating all these pieces to perfection, and you’ll be amazed by the time and effort he put into each artwork. Punks In The Willows comes as a hardcover and paperback. Don’t miss the chance to order it because it is worth every penny. For more information about ordering, please visit the Earth Island Books web store.





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