Ezrae – Nosebleed

Ezrae - Nosebleed

After two singles released during 2021, such as My Oh My and Not My Job, Walsall-based singer-songwriter Ezrae returns with another excellent composition that will appeal to all the fans of contemporary pop music. Nosebleed serves as an adequate follow-up to Ezrae‘s previous works, but it also showcases many innovations in songwriting and composing. You’ll also notice that Nosebleed also resonates with an outstanding ambiance, thanks to a sound that meets all the trends in modern music production. Soundwise, this number delves deep down into the fundamentals of contemporary pop music, but you’ll also notice how Ezrae implemented some of the finest properties borrowed from music genres such as indie, emo, and pop-punk. Of course, this creative artist remains loyal to the primary sonic direction, so these styles serve as additional enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that uplift this track on an entirely new level.

Photo by Juntion10 Photography

Ezrae’s exceptional vocal performance is a centerpiece of Nosebleed, and you’ll notice how her singing technics perfectly match the sonic background. These vocal harmonies burst with low, mid, and high tones that suit all the leads, melodies, samples, basslines, and beats. Of course, the indie, emo, and pop-punk are vividly hearable during the choruses, where moderately distorted guitars and profoundly dynamic rhythmic sequences replace the modern pop base. This track has an ear-appealing, calm, soothing, nearly cathartic ambiance that appeals to the listening apparatus. Ezrae thoroughly thought about every detail while assembling Nosebleed, and there’s no doubt this song will appeal even to the pickiest fans of the beforementioned genres. The single is available for listening to on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss it.





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