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Eli Hurts Released Debut Album “Ouch, Eli Hurts”

Eli Hurts
Photo by Saul Moreno

LA-based multi-hyphenate producer Eli Hirsch AKA Eli Hurts has announced his debut album “Ouch, Eli Hurts” will land on Friday 14th April 2023 via Rude Records and celebrates by releasing visuals for his new single “Hot Shit”.

Luring listeners in with a soft instrumental, “Hot Shit” unleashes its supercharged potential with a cathartic chorus that goes onto transform the entire track. Eli Hurts gives some insight into the new single, he says: “Me and my friend Katie wrote this song in the desert. The whole thing is sort of a front because it’s easy to get angry when someone leaves you but it’s way harder to just be sad. so this song is the angry part. scream away”

Speaking about the album news, Eli describes “Ouch, Eli Hurts” as the record he wanted to make since childhood. Explaining that “ever since I was a kid I wanted to make this record. It just had to happen. I think it’s sick. It’s loud, it’s over the top. The record’s about feeling alone, like the world is falling apart, and heartbreak. I had so much fucking fun making it. Enjoy. or don’t.”

“Hot Shit” follows Eli’s previous singles “Runts”,  “Member Of The World” and “The Best”, earning support from critical tastemakers such as BBC Radio 1’s Future Alternative with Nels Hylton, Kerrang! Radio’s Fresh Blood Alex Baker as well as Kerrang!, Rock Sound, American Songwriter, Substream Magazine and The Honey Pop.

Releasing his debut EP Future Accountants of America, Unite in 2020, Eli set the tone for his career as he worked alongside friend and producer Ethan Gruska (Phoebe Bridgers, Fiona Apple) to create an impeccable future-forward blend of alternative, pop, punk, emo and synth music. With influences including the likes of My Chemical Romance, 100 Gecs, Steven Sondheim, Smashing Pumpkins, Lil Peep and Weezer, Eli Hurts is a relatable and exciting artist for 2023.

Eli Hurts said about himself:

Hi. I’m Eli. I’m gonna talk about myself for a little while here, cause this is what they call in the biz – a “bio”. I usually find them pretty narcissistic so I won’t be offended if you put it down immediately. But if you really want to know, I’m five foot six and a half, unable to catch a ball, and anxious 40-60% of the time. I live in Los Angeles, California but i’m probably gonna move soon to the middle of nowhere. I’m 25. My mom forced me to start taking piano lessons when I was six, which I hated but now thank her for. When I was 14 I started realizing that I felt scared and sad all the time. Then I found a band called My Chemical Romance that told me it was okay to feel that way. Punk rock became my life and I started writing songs because I don’t know, I probably needed somewhere to put all the worry.

I moved to LA when I was 20, met this awesome guy Micah and we started this band called courtship. We’ve toured around the world with some of my favorite bands: Weezer, The Wombats, Passion Pit and many more. It was actuallywhen we were on the road with Passion Pit that I started scribbling words in notebooks that would become the first Eli Hurts songs. I had just gone through “the big break up” and also had just been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. But not the kind where you need things to be tidy in your space – the kind where you have obsessive thoughts. I came to Michael (singer of passion pit) and kinda told him about the stuff going on in my head and also showed him some stuff I was working on. He was super supportive and also he gave me the confidence not to instantly quit lol.

Anyway, then I spent the next year and half writing and producing this record. I was listening to so much different stuff when I made it – Smashing Pumpkins, 100 gecs, Steven Sondheim musicals, Neutral Milk Hotel, Lil Peep, Classical music, Weezer of course. I’m so lucky to work with a couple of my best friends – Katie Pearlman who’s this crazy amazing songwriter, and my buddy Ethan Gruska who is (LITERALLY) going to be the biggest producer in the world.

The record’s about feeling alone, like the world is falling apart, and heartbreak…Jesus. How depressing. I dunno, somehow by doing this it makes it all ok, or better than ok. Weird. Soooo….that’s my rant. Worth the read?





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