Next To Zero

Next To Zero Drop New Album “More Power”

Next To Zero

“Next To Zero” alternative rock band hailing from Riga, Latvia has just released it’s new album “More Power”. As of April 14 album is available for streams and downloads on all biggest music platforms.

“Next To Zero” is alternative/indie rock duo formed in 2019, when disillusioned by arduous and sometimes debilitating life of infinite political correctness, and unceasing hatred of our beloved world, two estranged, musically inclined creators decided to leave established posses and start new musical journey from zero…….next to zero. 

The album apart from other things deals with observations of big changes world is going through and a possible  aftermath of it all and supporting sinle for the album release is called “Happy Ending?”, which might be categorized as a rock ballad, but with band’s usual sarcastic twist. 

“Next To Zero” also has planned album’s limited edition physical release (CD and cassettes) which should follow shortly after the digital one.





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