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Premiere: Ritual Cloak Drop Video For “Vanished In Transition”

Ritual Cloak

Ahead of the release of their EP on the 14th April, Ritual Cloak share the title track, ‘Vanished in Transition’. Dan Barnett explains their journey and collaboration with Rob Smith and Harri Rees:

“When we started writing Vanished in Transition we didn’t expect it to end up where it did. We weren’t totally prepared for how Rob Smith of Wonderbrass and Harri Rees of Wylderness would transform the direction and feel of the song towards a Pharoah Sanders style jazz odyssey. It really is the centre-piece of the EP. The song is about the romanticism of disappearing and what the reality is for those left behind.”

On their upcoming EP, Ritual Cloak take a more introspective and meditative direction, venturing into new musical territories that draw influence from ambient, jazz, doom metal and George Harrison’s indian explorations. Leaning into down-tempo rhythms, drums have been exchanged for heart-beats, as if this EP is the duo breathing deep in readiness to face the next chapter. 

Buy the limited edition LP, here: bit.ly/RitualCloakEP

Ritual Cloak is Daniel Barnett, formerly of Samoans & drummer/producer Andrew Sanders. Both coming from predominantly rock backgrounds, the duo set out to explore new musical territory in the form of piano-led ambient soundscapes & minimal techno beats drawn from a mutual love of sci-fi, all resulting in their well-received self-titled debut in 2019.

In 2020 Ritual Cloak signed to Bubblewrap Collective Records, releasing the single, I Lawr Ymhlith Y Tywyllwch, that revisited and rebuilt the glacial sonic wizardry of their debut brick-by-brick, glitch-by-glitch. 

2021 was Ritual Cloak’s most ambitious year yet, releasing two full-length albums, Divine Invasions & A Human Being Is The Best Disguise, a reworking of the debut album, with new lyrics & vocals by writer & comedian Autumn Juvenile, followed by a cover of R.E.M.’s Orange Crush and the meditative collaboration Witaj w Domu with Polish photographer, Michal Iwanowski. 

Ritual Cloak returned in the autumn of 2022 with the dramatically intimate single Shell, giving a taste of what’s to come their brand new EP ‘Vanished in Transition’. Out 14th April, through Bubblewrap Records.





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