Jagged Baptist Club - Temptation Death House Remixes CD Blowtorch Records

Jagged Baptist Club – Temptation Death House Remixes CD (Blowtorch Records)

Jagged Baptist Club - Temptation Death House Remixes CD Blowtorch Records

Here’s another excellent release from the tireless Blowtorch Records workshop. It’s been a while since we had any remixes releases on our pages, so this CD came just in time for a review. Even the title of this material is pretty much self-explanatory. Temptation Death House Remixes is an EP consisting of seven remixes by Jeff Schroeder, Teenage Sequence, Boy Jr, Superfly Ky, 1201770, The Swedish Railway Orchestra, and The Joslin Chris. I had a chance to review the full-length album of the same name, so I am familiar with the original composition, and all these artists did an outstanding job while remixing.

Of course, each remix contains bigger or smaller chunks of the original song, so you could play these numbers separately and still notice you’ve been listening to Temptation Death House by Jagged Baptist Club. I think that’s very important since there are many remixes of other artists done in the past where you can’t trace the original song. Each version spans several music genres, so you’ll notice how the original vocal harmonies, chord progressions, melodies, basslines, and beats flawlessly work out with additional music genres. Therefore, you’ll detect some retro and contemporary electronic music, EDM, acid, techno, house, darkwave, synthwave, synthpop, chiptune, hip hop, and other complementary styles. It’s nearly mindblowing how every genre perfectly matches the initial energy and ambiance of Temptation Death House, so you’ll have a lot of fun listening to these remixes.

Each artist paid attention while implementing extra samples, basslines, beats, ambiances, enhancements, accentuations, decorations, and other details that define these remixes. They also thought about the song structure, so each remix contains many intros, outros, fade-ins and outs, breaks, and other smaller segments that decorate each composition even more. Some listeners may find this material repetitious because it’s about the same song. However, if you pay close attention, all these producers did a marvelous job by bending, shaping, and changing the initial ambiance to their liking without losing the essence of the original track. It’s one of the best remixes CDs you’ll hear in a while, so head to Blowtorch Records for more information about ordering.

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