Fearout Drop New Single “The End Of The World”


Helsinki-based Fearout releases new ’Resistenza’ EP as a follow up for their Bleedthrough (Inverse 2021) debut album with. ‘Resistenza’ is released on May 5th 2023 by Inverse Records. New EP will expand band’s repertoire to punk rock, but band still combines their rough-edged metal rock with stoner influences. The second single ‘The End of the World’ is a breathtakingly fast-paced metal punk song with heavy lyrics about the state of the world. 

This one is written after the war had started in spring 2022 and the theme and atmosphere is pretty grim. The song lists atrocities done by humans in 20th century. And since we refuse to learn anything from the past, we keep on repeating until we actually will cause the end of the world. This is probably the fastest song we’ve ever written, says lead vocalist Justus.

Fearout is rough-edged Hard Rock/Metal/Punk/Stoner band from Helsinki Finland. The band was founded in 2014 by Arg Kinnunen (Guitar) & Justus Latvala (Vocals). Current line-up was stabilized after Topi Lajunen (Drums) joined band in 2016 and Minttu Minkkinen (Bass) in 2018. Fearout fuses filthy stoner guitars and noisy punk rock aggression with seductive melodies and provide energetic, volatile, and sometimes literally bone crushing live performances. Fearout released their debut album Bleedthrough in November 2021 via Inverse Records. Their second release ‘Resistenza’ will be released in spring 2023.





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