The Venus Figurines - Holiday

The Venus Figurines – Holiday

The Venus Figurines - Holiday

The Venus Figurines released a new single today. Holiday is their first piece of work in 2023 and an appropriate continuation of their previous recordings. The band previously released two singles, No Escape From You and Cemetery, an extended play release In Transit, and a full-length release First Stop. Still, Holiday sounds like a step further into more aggressive and heavy grunge waters, with occasional explorations into garage rock, alternative, nineties rock, and hard rock. It’s nearly mindblowing how these folks assembled such an ear-appealing song where each instrument and vocal performance bursts with sheer power, groove, and heaviness. It’s also interesting how the band sounds feral from scratch to finish without losing energy and consistency.

The Venus Figurines
Photo by Scarlett Lehman

Holiday shines bright with some jaw-dropping six-string maneuvers. You’ll notice how guitars continuously duel for dominance by blasting abrasive riffs on one side and catchy leads, themes, and melodies on the other. Their performance unquestionably shapes that raw, fuzzy, dirty sound that resembles something nineties grunge bands would eventually record throughout their careers. However, there are also equally complex, distorted low-end tones lurking beneath. I like how the sound engineer/producer thought about this particular instrument, so there’s no way you’ll miss those basslines. Of course, this song wouldn’t sound the same without perfectly accentuated rhythmic sequences based upon moderate, groovy, heavy beats. The lead vocals also play a significant role by contributing another layer of aggression through ferocious screams and shouts. These guys thoroughly planned each sonic maneuver and rhythmic acrobatic, so Holiday will become your go-to track when you crave exceptional grunge music. The single is available on all streaming platforms.





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