Trummerkind - Superstar

Trummerkind – Superstar

Trummerkind - Superstar

Today we have some more excellent music on our pages. Superstar is the second single in a row from a series of singles Trummerkind launched in 2022. Besides Superstar, this exceptional trio released Revolt, Killing Stalking, State Of The Nation, Sukkubus, and a live version of Killing Stalking. Each track they unleashed deserves your utmost attention, but I’ll focus on Superstar today. This particular composition defines the sound of Trummerkind, which is fresh and unique in so many ways. These creative musicians thought about each sonic maneuver they invested into a Superstar, so you’ll have many difficulties while defining their sound by just a singular music genre. Their music is utterly complex and consists of many cleverly assembled layers of sounds and beats. Perhaps riot grrrl comes to mind first, but many other styles are lurking around. You’ll unquestionably notice how some complementary music genres like post-punk, punk rock, goth rock, industrial, emo, and alternative rock inspired them to write, compose and record such a powerful track. Still, there are some elements of electronic music included as well.

Photo by Chris Hebert

Trummerkind primarily focus on lead vocal harmonies and singalongs. These vocal parts will guide you throughout the entire composition, which bursts with many excellent sonic maneuvers and acrobatics. The trio incorporated several layers of profoundly complex electronic sequences that flawlessly match vividly hearable basslines. You’ll also notice catchy guitar solos that are usually notable during heavy, powerful, energetic, noisy choruses. The rhythm section bursts with dynamic rhythmic sequences built upon danceable beats, continuous splashes over the crash cymbals, various accentuations, catchy decorations, and other details that define only the best tracks. It’s nearly mindblowing how Trummerkind combined only the vital elements of the mentioned genres. There are many moments when Superstar bursts with fundamentals of classic riot grrrl, post-punk, punk rock, industrial, and goth. However, this number levitates much more towards contemporary music, so there’s no doubt Superstar will appeal to your listening apparatus no matter which era you prefer. The single is available on all streaming platforms. Don’t miss this gem!




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