Centershift Released New Single “Fade Away”

Photo by Jeff Lovin

LA area alt/rock outfit Centershift released their latest single “Fade Away” on streaming services today, which includes Spotify, Apple Music and a new visualizer video on Youtube. The song comes from the group’s newest album A Different Shade of Color. Centershift leans into indie rock territory on “Fade Away”, and concludes the album’s story of singer/guitarist Jasan Radford’s journey to sobriety and his ongoing journey of personal growth. Although the album also touches on other subject matters, “Fade Away” and most of the tracks on the effort come from a deeply personal place, and speak on values and issues the band resonate with. 

Centershift is a Los Angeles based alt-rock group featuring Jasan Radford of Onesidezero fame, Ryan Shane Stuber (ex-Shuvel) on guitar, Ted Wenri (ex-Bemus) on bass and drummer Stefan Storace. The band released their debut album A Different Shade Of Color on November 11th via Auspicious Recordings/Wolf Entertainment. The effort was produced by Jim Wirt (Incubus, Hoobastank, OneSideZero).

“Fade Away is an expression of the trials of breaking away from things in life that control you, whether it be Chemical, Mental, Physical, anything but feeling drawn back in.” says Jasan Radford. “In growth there are times of feeling completely alone, in that, we are able to look inside ourselves.”

Centershift is a Los Angeles based rock/alternative group created by Onesidezero vocalist/guitarist Jasan Radford and also features ex-members of Shuvel and Bemus. The band has been actively planning shows in support of the album A Different Shade of Color, which is available now via Auspicious Recordings/Wolf Entertainment.




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