Seiran Released New Single “Yuragi” Featuring Nân of Windrunner


Progressive Metalcore band Seiran have been flying under the radar for too long. Their latest single, “Yuragi” featuring Nân of WINDRUNNER, is a perfect example of their unique sound – a mix of ferocious drums, dynamic guitars and down right intense vocals. The single showcases the band’s ability to create an atmosphere of energy and intensity that will leave listeners in awe. Nân’s melodic vocals provide an extra layer of depth and emotion that is both soothing and captivating, making it the perfect pairing with Shin’s aggressive vocal style. 

This was my beginning, ‘Yuragi’ is about the moment I changed and got really deep into music. I felt like something hit me very hard and caused my world to expand. It felt like when the universe started, there was a flickering moment when everything expanded. Yuragi is the material that caused the beginning and expanded the universe.” – Shin

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia and Tokyo, Japan, Seiran started as Zico’s solo project and then transitioned to a two piece when Shin joined in 2019. Creating the unique combination of Australian metalcore and Japanese metalcore sound you hear today. Their first single “The Void” was a massive hit for the Australian audience, hitting 17th on the Faction 2021 Hardest 100. While their second single didn’t fall far behind, hitting 19th on the charts.

Stay up to date with Seiran’s upcoming releases Here.





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