Premiere: Ochi Drop Video For “Priče Iz Djetinjstva”


Post-hardcore quartet Ochi has released a video for a Priče iz djetinjstva, a title track from their latest EP release, published by Geenger Records on 24.02.

Priče iz djetinjstva is the first number ever written by Ochi. The band assembled it even before rehearsals and gigs, and it serves as a retrospective. The band tries to capture the moments they have gone through. However, they’re not doing it through the prism of negativity, nostalgia, and captivity of the past but in a sense of the transience of everything around us. Each member has its own story, and none of them would be the same person if we did not go through all of it.

The refrain “Želim pričati priče iz djetinjstva” marks moments in conversation where they’re trying to explain to the listeners why they are here and how they became formed personalities in real life. To display this story, Ochi agreed to assemble the collage of live recordings and performances, as well as socialize outside the music lives with a staff. The video was recorded and directed by Hana Baric.

Priče iz djetinjstva EP came out on 24.02. The EP represents a dark-violent audio/visual book that explores some sorts of feelings (transience, anxiety, paranoia, and anger).

Sonically and emotionally, this EP is a more mature sequel and upgrade of Tremor EP. Therefore, it represents an outstanding overture to the album.

Zlatko Stefancic did mixing and mastering, while Studio Yan Kamov from Rijeka is responsible for visual identity.

Priče iz djetinjstva is available on all streaming services.





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