Cam Kahin

Premiere: Cam Kahin Drop Video For “Try Again”

Cam Kahin
Photo by Fabiana Moreira.

WHEN IT’S ALL OVER was recently named one of the year’s most anticipated Canadian releases by CBC Music (“one of our favorite new discoveries”), and its announcement follows “compass,” another EP single released last fall to support from FLOOD Magazine (“an electrifying and concise pop song—fans of Cloud Nothings and Joyce Manor rejoice!”), CBC Music, Ones to Watch (playlist), and more.

Kahin grew up in Dunnville, Ontario, a small community with around 6,000 residents, where he always felt like an outsider: he was the only person of color in town, there were no music venues, and what art existed there wasn’t for him. He escaped the small-town doldrums by listening to bands like Cage the Elephant, Biffy Clyro, and PUP. By age 13, he was sneaking out to hardcore shows in Hamilton and Toronto. Those shows pounded an energy and darkness into him that he brings to his music and live performances.

“WHEN IT’S ALL OVER is a depression-fueled coming-of-age story,” says Kahin. “Every month you’re a different person. It’s a lot of feeling uncomfortable, and not knowing what’s stable and what’s not.” His new EP is the sound of life forcing him to the brink of self-destruction, and the pendulum swing of the path back to some semblance of peace. Set against a suite of fuzzy prog garage rock and ear worm guitar sludge, with explosive crescendos that all claw at the weirdness of growing into a world of relentless instability, it’s the sound of music as survival: loud, honest, and desperate to live.

When I was making ‘try again,’ I wanted it to almost feel tongue in cheek. It’s like a rock song that became self aware.It’s punchy and aggressive but allows space to breathe with a more melodic chorus.” – Cam Kahin

The idea for the video was actually Cam’s. I think it was smart to do something simple yet intricate. It captures the uneasy feeling of things coming back into your life that cause a disruption, and trying once again to just stick it out.” – Lebni Thodakee Avitia (Heirmanos)





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