Eric Angelo Bessel

Eric Angelo Bessel Release New Single “Secret Lake”; Visitation LP Out April 21 Via Lore City Music

Eric Angelo Bessel

‘Secret Lake’ is the new single from Eric Angelo Bessel’s upcoming album, Visitation. Bessel shares, “Secret Lake’s marshy voyage reveals a lo-fi chamber orchestra and choir before slinking beneath the lily pads.”

Visitation is the debut solo album from visual artist and musician, Eric Angelo Bessel, releasing Friday, April 21, 2023. Composed of eight instrumental songs, Visitation is an atmospheric journey across psychedelic, gothic, and ambient motifs. Tunneling into, and expanding upon nostalgic sounds of the Mellotron and ebowed guitars, Visitation marks the fourth release from the Lore City Music imprint. Bessel’s album is, “mesmerizing,” describes Lion Productions.

Looking up from underneath, there is a watery peace. A settling as the light sifts downward, refracting the sights above, now wavering into pieces of the world as it was. An accordion of a sigh releasing its weight forever. Little snow globes of living. A tin soldier army marches towards us from an unknown distance. Someday their armory will glint in the sun upon the hill, but it is not today. And the expanse is staged. Hands arbitrarily moving about in space. To grasp, to reach for atoms nodding, agreeing to be solidity. To suspend the vibration of being. A nostalgia just out of reach. Wrapped with blankets in the other room, salt lamp glowing, a little less red. To think we could ever look back on these times with such favor. A kindness, bending nearer.

Eric Angelo Bessel (born in Connecticut, 1981) is a visual artist and musician. He currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon. Bessel attended Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts from 2000-2004; completing a BFA in Art Photography. After graduation, he moved to New York City, and attended the School of Visual Arts’ Photography Video and Related Media Graduate Program from 2005-2006. Bessel’s artwork was featured in the Collector’s Guide To New Art Photography Vol. 2 in 2010, and his first artist monograph, ‘Archive {2005-2010},’ was released by Conveyor in 2011. Bessel formed the musical group, Lore City, with wife Laura Mariposa Williams, in late 2011. They have released four albums and one EP, including releases on Already Dead, 1980 Records, and Lore City Music. Bessel’s creative tools include medium-format film cameras, keyboards, guitars, drum machines, and samplers.





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