Waste – The Lost Tapes – Oudenbosch HC 1981​-​1983 – Vol. 1

Today, we’re returning to the times when hardcore punk music was on the rise. Those were also the times when musicians didn’t care about sound quality, glossy finish on the cardboard sleeve, and any other details usually heard or seen on many contemporary hardcore records. In the early days, bands paid much more attention to the DIY ethos, message, and attitude. The aggression, loudness, and dynamics were essential, and it seemed like those bands were competing over who could play faster and louder. Of course, the Dutch scene was one of the most important ones besides the UK, US, Swedish, German, Italian, Japanese, and many other bigger or smaller scenes that defined the hardcore music we listen to and adore nowadays. Speaking of the Dutch underground, Waste is one of those perfect representatives who started in the early eighties, but their music sounds vital even today after over four decades.

The Lost Tapes – Oudenbosch HC 1981​-​1983 – Vol. 1 is self-explanatory material. These are the raw recordings Waste recorded in their formative years, and this particular 7″ record includes five tracks of uncompromising, in-your-face Dutch hardcore punk. Maybe this material won’t be up your alley if you like polished, clean, professional studio recordings. On the contrary, this vinyl record will be more than suitable if you grew up listening to raw, relentless, feral music. Honestly, you should give this record a listen even if this doesn’t sound appealing to you because there is a high chance you’ll love it. Dutch hardcore always sounded so diverse and unlike anything else you heard before. In this case, Waste sounds like a fine blend of classic hardcore punk, UK82, and anarcho-punk. Their music perhaps leans much more towards that well-known early British hardcore. However, you’ll notice a particular ambiance that will remind you of some of the best Dutch hardcore releases.

Personally, I like this thick layer of unpolished, raw, abrasive sound that perfectly matches the basement/rehearsal room ambiance. Some of the best records on the punk rock scene were recorded that way. Waste solely relies upon dual female and male singing parts, back vocals, three to four-chord progressions/riffs, vividly hearable basslines, and energetic rhythmic segments. It’s funny how all the instruments are equally present in the mix, considering this is just a couple of demos recorded in the rehearsal space. You’ll also hear how the drummer stylistically defines these songs. There are classic fast-paced hardcore punk beats, d-beats, and moderate rhythmic sequences. The vocalists also paid a lot of attention during these songs, and their performance plays a significant role in shaping such a unique sound as well. Maybe you’ll find these riffs familiar, but considering the times when the Waste recorded these tracks, this stuff was revolutionary back then. Therefore, grab this gem if you’re into pure Dutch hardcore punk sounds. You won’t be disappointed. Head to the Waste Bandcamp page for more information about ordering.





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