Creak Drop Video For “Doomed”


Newcastle metalcore outfit Creak have shared their new single ‘Doomed’. A lyrical reflection on trauma and family illness, the track blends chaotic dissonance and a frantic vocal delivery with eery, atmospheric soundscapes. Directed by Zak Pinchin, the music video was inspired by David Lynch‘s cinematography and visual aesthetic. 

Vocalist Jack Dunn comments: “Lyrically, ‘Doomed’ is based around the trauma of having a family member be diagnosed with a serious illness, and the aftermath of facing such a difficult situation. For me personally it relates to my own mother being diagnosed with cancer and the hole I fell into around the time I found out. During that time period it really felt like everything around me was falling apart, and that my world was ending.”

“We know family illness is something a lot of people have had to face, and we wanted to try and express some of those harder feelings that come with that process to show people they’re not alone with how they are feeling or what they are going through.”

“Conceptually and visually, the song was inspired by a lot of arthouse horror films, and video games. We were watching a lot of David Lynch films such as Eraserhead, and his short films, and we really thought that the hopeless and desperate feel of those related to what we where trying to put across. Other than that, games like Silent Hill, and shows such as Neon Genesis were big inspirations for us during the writing period and when it came to putting all of the pieces together.”






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