Whitehall Released New Single “Dogfights”


Charleston, SC indie rockers Whitehall have released the new single “Dogfights” off their upcoming Enci Records label debut.

The band (which recently toured as direct support for Goo Goo Dolls) is back out on the road with Arlie and The Sewing Club.

“Dogfights” is the follow-up to 2022 singles “Don’t Check Your Phone” and “Rose.”

Whitehall says, “Our song “Dogfights” is all about chaos. The lyrics weave through a messy cluster of feelings, dreams, and daily habits that feel a little sporadic as I try to assign them meaning and simplify them by “break[ing] it down in boxes.”

Whitehall merges a dancey demeanor with an insatiable desire for more out of life, making for an incredibly energetic and heart-opening live experience. When they aren’t shotgunning La Croix, Whitehall is busy touring the U.S.

Whitehall has released a pair of albums, along with their recent ‘Garden Song’ EP, which debuted in 2022.





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