Fool's Union

Fool’s Union Released New Single “America”

Fool's Union

Fool’s Union have just released their latest rock anthem ‘America’ on streaming services everywhere. The track is a love letter to the country in which many bands want to break it big. Like other Canadian acts before them, they see America as the promised land where bands go to realize their musical dreams. 

The boys have made the pilgrimage to the US a few times during their career, playing stages in New York City’s Bowery district, filming videos in Times Square, rocking out in Cleveland, and soaking up the sun in San Diego — the experiences have consistently been magical. The band’s love of American hard rock has always been tempered by an equal love of Motown soul, sun-drenched Beach Boys-esque harmonies, and Black Crowes-style southern rock. The influence of the US on Fool’s Union’s brand of rock ‘n’ roll runs deep. 

‘America’ is the follow up to their highly successful singles ‘Maniacs’, ‘Raven Lake’, and their most recent release, ‘This Is Heavy’, which saw the band treading into much more chilled out territory. 

The band has returned to their energetic and infectious brand of rock on ‘America’, which combines the Southern roots rock sound of The Band and the catchy Brit rock stomp of Oasis into an undeniably memorable three minutes of music. The song features a dual harmony vocal from singer Nick Cino and drummer Adam Cannon that is equal parts Rick Danko & Levon Helm and Liam & Noel Gallagher. If America needs a new national anthem, here it is. 

‘America’ is available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Bandcamp, and music services everywhere. 





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