Bear, Man Dangerous - Unofficial Coworker CD EP

Bear, Man Dangerous – Unofficial Coworker CD EP

Bear, Man Dangerous - Unofficial Coworker CD EP

It has been a while since we had Bear, Man Dangerous on our pages. I remember writing a review about Slow Violence, a debut extended play release by this Seattle-based solo project. In the meantime, Bear, Man Dangerous released a couple of recordings, such as More Than You Need and Unoffical Coworker. Bear, Man Dangerous continues a tradition of releasing the EPs only, and that’s pretty fine considering how much time and effort a solo artist has to invest into writing, composing, and recording these tracks. As you can see, Bear, Man Dangerous is keeping himself prolific since day one. Everything he released so far sounds good, and I advise you to check out his Bandcamp page as soon as possible.

I will talk a bit more about Unnoficial Coworker, an extended play release consisting of three compositions that Bear, Man Dangerous released in November last year. For those unfamiliar with this interesting solo project, Bear, Man Dangerous combines several complementary music genres in order to construct a luxurious sound. Perhaps this material almost dominantly leans toward a stoner rock sound, but more music genres are lurking in the mix. Therefore, you’ll stumble upon elements of post-hardcore, punk rock, post-rock, space rock, psychedelic rock, shoegaze, and other similar music genres that perfectly match together. It’s nearly mindblowing how Bear, Man Dangerous combined all these elements without spoiling the initial sonic direction.

It’s also crazy how these songs resonate with a completely different ambiance, but they suit together pretty damn fine. There’s an enormous dosage of heaviness delivered through fuzzy riffs and heavily distorted basslines, which make this EP even heavier than anything Bear, Man Dangerous released before. However, there are also flawlessly performed vocal harmonies, catchy themes, leads, melodies, and ambiances that serve as a contrast to the mentioned heaviness. Each track comes with many surprising moments and segments that will keep your listening apparatus occupied for days. Maybe Unofficial Coworker isn’t another regular, bland, repetitious stoner rock release, but Bear, Man Dangerous never wanted to release another same-old set of tracks. It is a release for those who like their stoner music as experimental as it could be, with so many good, wisely implemented instrumentations, segments, and moments. Unofficial Coworker is available on Bandcamp. Don’t miss it!





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