Colorsfade - Built From The Wreckage

Colorsfade Released New Album “Built From The Wreckage”

Colorsfade - Built From The Wreckage

New album Built From The Wreckage by Gatineau superstars Colorsfade is finally here! With an ever-growing fanbase, the group is making its mark not only in Quebec/Canada, but all over the world!

COLORSFADE was born in Gatineau, Canada in 2015 and released their debut E.P. “State Of Mind”in 2015. The next year, the band signed with Montreal record label Thousand Islands Records and released their second E.P. “Scream In Silence”. By the end of the year, they released both E.P.s as a single release on CD.

A new lineup was unveiled in 2017 with new guitarist Yan and new bassist Guillaume. They then released their first full length album “In Real Time” in 2018, now available on vinyl and CD.

In 2020, the band signed with Quebec City record label People of Punk Rock Records to release in 2023, their second full-length “Built From The Wreckage”.





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