Premiere: OCHI Drop Video For “Dječak Od Vatre”

Photo by Hana Barić

Post-hardcore/grunge quartet Ochi releases a punchy and spiteful new single “Djecak od vatre” to announce a fresh release.

“Djecak od vatre” is a raw song about anger, a very well known feeling that often bursts in all of us and immediately overwhelms us. Just like a small piece of paper suddenly exposed to wild flame. The object of observation is just an average little boy. He isn’t someone that special, he can be (or at some point was) anyone of us up until a particular moment when he was exposed to immense and uncontrollable anger for the first time. This deep anger that was here all along suddenly bursts into flames and swallows him whole, burning him out from within.

Ochi wanted to describe that particular moment when the anger starts combusting and give it a musical background. To simply put it, what does it sound like when your anger swallows you and you burn out. Traditionally in pagan cultures, fire symbolises internal energy in all of us, that can when left unchecked consume everything in front and within. Accordingly the frames in the video are somewhat epileptic and drowned in red, with sudden and dynamic bouncing between the perspectives of the subject and the observer culminating in a burnout. 

“Djecak od vatre” is the first single form the band’s upcoming EP “Price iz djetinjstva” that will be released on Feb 24th under Geenger Records.





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