Intercontinen7al - Beautiful Mind

Intercontinen7al – Beautiful Mind

Intercontinen7al - Beautiful Mind
Cover artwork by Gustavo Fedrizzi

After two critically acclaimed full-length releases, the international group Intercontinen7al returns with a third album that will unquestionably appeal to your listening apparatus no matter which music genre you prefer. This fantastic music project consists of experienced musicians from US, Poland, Germany, and Netherlands. I had a chance to listen to and review their debut album before, and I was blown away by their talent, ideas, and musicianship.

The band shared Beautiful Mind, an ear-appealing indie composition that carries impressive orchestrations provided by each involved member. Every musician who contributed to this project plays a significant role in shaping the incredible sound of Intercontinen7al. The group perhaps relies on the fundamentals of indie rock, but Beautiful Mind also carries some of the finest properties borrowed from complementary music genres such as progressive rock, progressive metal, post-rock, post-metal, art rock, alternative, and hard rock. It’s mindblowing how all the layers work together harmoniously without spoiling each other in the mix. As soon as you press play, you’ll notice that Intercontinen7al provided their best performance, so this track could resonate with tremendous power.

Beautiful Mind has a calm ambiance based upon arpeggiated chord progressions, perfect vocal harmonies, warm-sounding basslines, and detailed rhythmic structures. However, you’ll notice how they unleash a slight dosage of power during the pre-chorus when all the instrumentations become even more complex. The song gradually becomes even heavier until the chorus, when all the musicians burst with tremendous power, heaviness, and dynamics. Every member of Intercontinen7al contributes with many sonic acrobatics and virtuosities from scratch to finish. Therefore, Beautiful Mind perhaps carries a calm ambiance, but all the melodies, harmonies, basslines, and rhythmic sequences are progressive all the way until the closure. It’s a song you unquestionably need to hear to comprehend its brilliance. Beautiful Mind is available on all streaming platforms.





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