Die Deislers - Das Ist Kein Leich 12" - Keep It A Secret Records

Die Deislers – Das Ist Kein Licht 12″ (Keep It A Secret Records)

Die Deislers - Das Ist Kein Leich 12" - Keep It A Secret Records

We have a couple more Keep It A Secret Records releases up in the sleeves. This record might be the most mysterious one from the batch and shines bright in its obscurity. It stands out from the crowd with its black minimalistic cover artwork that doesn’t reveal almost anything except the artist and album title. As far as I am informed, Die Deislers is a German melodic punk rock group coming from Aachen, and Das Ist Kein Licht is their latest 12″ EP, released in 2019. They previously released a few recordings like 26 EP, a double single Verpis Dich, Kartoffel!, and Fauler Zahn EP. Therefore, Das Ist Kein Licht is their third EP record. Judging by their social media pages, Die Deislers firmly stand for antifascist beliefs and fight for human rights, so I assume the band covers those themes in their songs.

If you paid attention to our pages in the last couple of weeks, you probably learned that the Keep It A Secret Records roster differs from the remainder of the melodic punk rock scene. Somehow, their bands differ in approach and ambiance than other contemporaries. That’s the case with Das Deislers as well. For some unexplainable reason, their version of punk rock resonates with a much more raw, abrasive, dirty, fuzzy tones. Also, these guys incorporated a thick, vividly hearable layer of dark ambiance that perfectly matches the powerful riffs and heavy beats. Besides melodic punk rock, you may notice some mid-tempo hardcore punk maneuvers, especially hearable in the drumming performance. Unlike many contemporary punk rock groups, Die Deislers decided to spice things up a little bit and you may expect aggressive shoutouts instead of harmonious, polyphonous, melodic singing. Still, there are anthemic singalongs included along the way.

Maybe you’ll find a resemblance with the bands like Black Flag, Western Addiction, and Only Crime, but Die Deislers uplifted this style on an entirely new level. That’s especially notable in all themes, melodies, and harmonies provided by the lead guitar. On the other hand, the rhythm guitar delivers heavy, powerful semi-distorted chord progressions and riffs that keep this material even more aggressive. The sound engineer/producer did an incredible job by pushing basslines on the surface, so you won’t struggle to detect low-end tones in the mix. Of course, this record wouldn’t sound so energetic without the energetic beats, accentuated with continuous splashing over the cymbals, fills, enhancements, and other percussive acrobatics. Das Ist Kein Licht isn’t just another punk rock record you stumble upon every day. Therefore, you should immediately check it out. Head to Keep It A Secret Records for more information about ordering.





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