Today Is The Day

Today Is The Day Released Live In Japan

Today Is The Day

Just days after Fourth.Media dropped the TODAY IS THE DAY Live In Japan concert mini-documentary which has been unearthed from the archives where it has sat for two decades, today, band leader Steve Austin’s SuperNova Records has issued the remastered audio via Bandcamp.

On Fourth.Media’s video version of TODAY IS THE DAY’s Live In Japan, fans can take a psychotic trip down memory lane with frontman Steve Austin as he recalls the sheer magnitude of Beast Feast 2002, the legendary Japanese metal festival. TODAY IS THE DAY’s set has here been fully remastered and is joined by a newly filmed interview with Austin about the experience. Additionally, home video footage shot by Austin himself has been uncovered and compiled, including rare behind-the-scenes and backstage footage. Hear stories of meeting Slayer, hanging out with Converge, Joey Jordison, teeth getting knocked out, see snippets of Slayer and Hatebreed, candid moments with Shadows Fall, Converge, and much more.

For those who wish to decimate only their ears with the performance, the remastered audio of TODAY IS THE DAY Live In Japan has been issued for Bandcamp Friday, with the release set to hit all other DSPs in the coming days.

Unleash TODAY IS THE DAY’s Live In Japan through Bandcamp now at HERE.





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