Half Me

Half Me Released Video For “Blacklight”

Half Me
Photo by Lisa-Marie Tanck

German metal quintet Half Me have announced their debut album SOMA, due for release on 17th February 2023 via Arising Empire. Formed in Hamburg Germany in 2018, the band – guitarists Chris and Julius, vocalist Chris, drummer Max and bassist Tobias are one of the latest additions to the Arising Empire roster.

The band have also released a video for their new single ‘Blacklight’.

Half Me comment on their debut album: “We’re proudly announcing our debut LP SOMA. SOMA tells a twisted story about paranoid schizophrenia and the symptoms that come along with it. Conceptually starting with ‘Wraith’ as the trigger and ending in acceptance with ‘Half Me’, it follows a straight path of mental decay. The inner dialogue alters throughout the album and each song is an excursion into the depths of the human mind and its perception.”

In the space of just two years, the band have made an impact in the music scene by self-producing their music and videos, displaying their intensive and energetic demeanour. Debuting with four singles initially, it was their their single ‘Exitwound’ (featuring Jack Bergin of Void of Vision) that gave the group a breakthrough and landed the band in the spotlight of Knotfest’s Countdown to Oblivion.

Musically, Half Me blend a modern rendition of metal and hardcore with highlights of 90s nu-metal. Pounding riffs and breakdowns are accompanied by brutal, yet sometimes elegant, vocals that all balance together to formulate the band’s own distinctive sound. Riding the high of their recent success, Half Me have their sights set on releasing their highly anticipated debut album in 2023, and are sure to make it worth the wait.





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