Caskets Released Video For “Guiding Light”


Following the whirlwind success of their debut album “Lost Souls”last year, Caskets have returned with their first new music since its release in the form of new single “Guiding Light”. The new song comes paired with a sharp new video which you can watch above.

Frontman Matt Flood comments: “The song is about redemption of your soul. To ask for forgiveness from yourself and from those closest to you in your life. It’s about realising that you need a ‘guiding light’, a helping hand to navigate the way through your own personal journey of self doubt. I’m sure most can relate to feeling like they need help being guided back to life, from whatever darkness they find themselves in. I struggle to ask for help. Lost in my own toxicity, waves of rage and believing that I wasn’t the problem, everyone else was. Only to finally come to terms with the fact I need help, a way back to life. But also that it needs to be led and commanded by my own hand first and foremost. This is a story of redemption, realisation and belief in your own willingness”.

The band, who are about to break a million monthly listeners on Spotify, have had an exceptional 2022. They started the year by performing their debut album in full at two sold-out shows in London and Leeds, before taking in appearances at Slam Dunk, a main support slot with Spiritbox and their first live shows in the US, touring alongside Dayseeker and Holding Absence.





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