Invent Animate

Invent Animate Release Video For Elysium

Invent Animate

Progressive metalcore head-turners INVENT ANIMATE have dropped the video for their latest single “Elysium”. The track cycles through multiple modes, textures, and layers – vacillating between intricate, slow, and downright pretty sonic passages before erupting with brutal riffage and nightmare-haunting vocals. It moves in fits and starts, and invites the listener to ride sidecar on a sonic thrill ride.

Lyrically, the song dives deep into subject matter we can all relate to – grief.
“When my grandfather got sick, I was a 15-year-old boy with no emotional grip on my world”, offers vocalist Marcus Vik, pulling back the curtain on the song’s inspiration and sharing how it helped him exorcise a personal demon he was dealing with. “We were close, but his sickness was something I didn’t see. It might’ve been because I didn’t want to see it or that I was too scared. When he passed, I didn’t comprehend the mourning, I didn’t feel it, and that made me feel shame. It took me 12 years to wake up one day and embrace it, and it hit me like a wave of odd emotions that I’ve never felt before. Grief is upon me and this is the story of me looking back, searching my inner self and looking forward”.

Earlier this year, Invent Animate released the new single “Shade Astray”. The quartet is hard at work on its forthcoming album, due out next year. The new material follows “The Sun Sleeps, As If It Never Was” EP, which arrived in 2021 and served as the band’s UNFD debut. To date, the EP has tallied over 2 million streams. The 2020-released full-length “Greyview” has topped 10 million streams, as well.





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