Mourning Released New Single “Unhonoured Prophecy”


Today, metallic hardcore band Mourning has shared their new track “Unhonoured Prophecy.” The song serves as the second single off the band’s upcoming album, Disenlightenment, set for release on November 15th via Streets of Hate. “Unhonoured Prophecy” boasts absolutely massive riffs and ends with a weighty breakdown that is sure to incite a boisterous mosh pit. 

Speaking on writing the song, vocalist Connor elaborated: “Lyrically it riffs on a book called Le Souci Contemporain which compares the condition of modern Europe after the fall of the Soviet Union to the Greek myth of Icarus flying too high to the sun, falling but surviving only to live upon the wreckage of its many aspirations.”

Disenlightenment was self-recorded and produced by the band at Audiolounge studios in Glasgow, UK, and was then mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording in Chicago, IL and mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR. Mourning’s mix of influences shine throughout the eight tracks on the album, drawing from ‘90s upstate New York metallic hardcore, UK death metal and Scandanavian black metal. There’s plenty of heavy moments fixated on the band’s substantial guitar work, but also moment’s on reprieve that lean into more haunting territory. Disenlightenment itself comes as a concept album as a commentary of the society we live in. 

Connor expands: “The overarching theme of ‘Disenlightenment’ is of distrust, exhaustion and contempt of living in the modern western world. The debate of the west being in decline is a centuries old concept but it feels an entirely relevant concept right now when you want to talk about modern politics, culture, environment, social norms etc. Whether that’s the constant economic downturns, waning tolerance of opposing ideas, an unrepresentative political system, lack of cultural significance in the endless streams of content, an increasingly inhospitable environment, ideological fanaticism and zealotry etc. To put it simply, it feels like the sun is setting on the western empire.”

Disenlightenment is available for vinyl pre-order now through Streets of Hate.





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