Spirits In The Pillar

Spirits In The Pillar Released Scaled-Down Expectations EP

Spirits In The Pillar

Spirits in the Pillar have loosely defined themselves as ‘post-punkish’ – a term which captures only one side of the British quintet’s singular sound. By way of introduction to the band’s AnalogueTrash debut EP Scaled-down Expectations, they have revealed Singularitarian Rhapsody as its first lead track.

Reveals vocalist Iain about the song: “‘Singularitarian Rhapsody’ began with the thought of a snail antenna — in a Keatsian register, the trembling and delicate emblem of intelligence — being replaced by numb scar through repeated defensive withdrawals from the advance of ‘dark enlightenment’ sophistry. Picture the great Romantic poet awaking to the image of a dummy in a midnight cherry Roadster hurtling towards deep space, Gil Scott-Heron’s ‘Whitey on the Moon’ soundtracking off-shore nation formation in accelerated stop-motion, an extreme close-up of Ray Kurzweil in cryosuspension with the Fugazi lyric “I am a patient boy / I wait, I wait, I wait, I wait” tattooed on his brow.

While the song is as inconsequential as a ‘touch grass’ meme, it at least encourages a stirring play of muscles on the threshold of techno-capital’s meat-grinder, some gritted-teeth laughter in the face(lessness) of that retrochronically-calculating AI-demon spawned by diseased Silicon Valley brains. If it’s a call for anything, it’s for those scraping a living beneath the strata of the Zoom classes to spit on the hymn sheet of a technotheocracy peddling a vision of fully automated luxury Gnosticism that always already ignores the bodies it’s dependent on.”





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