Überyou Released Video For Revolt

Photo by Sue Heinz

On October 28th Überyou releases their new single “Revolt”  which is not only übergood but überimportant. The song and the accompanying music video speak for themselves. With a topic of interest, the song will be stuck in your head. It’s not only a story to be told but a song to be heard. Naming a song “Revolt”, you’ll know what to expect and that’s good. While the video is a homage to George Michael – best regards from Last Christmas by the way – the song itself is not that tranquil. 

Nowadays the political discussion – and thus the shaping of public opinion – is far too often dominated by an unrationalized and unfounded fear of the unknown and moronic conspiracy theories. Such antisocial conduct divides our society and cannot go unchallenged. An opinion surely not limited to Überyou.

As the single follow-up to the banger “Road to Philly”, “Revolt” is the next harbinger of the upcoming album with the wonderful name “Silver Lining”. The band’s fifth album will be released on February 3rd on Gunner Records (Europe), Inhumano Records (Switzerland) and Say10 (USA). The unofficial christening will be held a week earlier on January 27th at Überfest in Zürich! Thank goodness there is a silver lining despite all the antisocial insanity going on right now.

Überyou have remained true to themselves even after the almost two-year pandemic-induced forced break: The new album with 12 new songs lives on catchy melodies, on lyrics that address serious topics but never give in to despair. The album is meant to make you think and at the same time convey hope. Überyou don’t want to paint black but are looking for the silver lining on the horizon and are looking forward to breaking down all (mental) barriers with you!

So, a whole five years after “Night Shifts“, Überyou finally release their fifth album with “Silver Lining” via Gunner Records (Europe), Inhumano Records (Switzerland) and Say10 (USA). This longer musical radio silence was not necessarily planned. Even if the opposite could be assumed, the pandemic did not accelerate the process of creating the album. Admittedly, the recordings for the drums were already started in May 2020. Once again on their own in their own band room. But soon it turned out that a non-existent time constraint can also become a braking factor. Why hurry, why not try out as many different ideas as possible, when life in 2020 seemed to stand still for an unforeseeable time. Even though all beginnings are said to be difficult, in the case of “Silver Lining” the completion was rather the critical part! But after some creative and motivational fluctuations, a silver lining slowly appeared on the horizon at the end of 2021, when “Silver Lining” was finally in the can and the anticipation of the upcoming release has grown to immeasurable heights!

By the way, the punk rockers from Zürich themselves are not that anti at all. Friendship and the love of music is above, or über if you will, all for Überyou. Since 2008, the group of best friends have been on the road together all over the world. With the spirit of the Gainesville punk bands like Hot Water Music and Against Me in their hearts and the essence of the Swiss punk scene in their veins, Überyou is energetic and with a DIY-attitude.

In the last ten years the band has toured and shared stages with bands like Turnstile, Dropkick Murphys, NOFX or Alkaline Trio. Whether in America, Asia or across Europe, Überyou brings Swiss punk rock all around the globe. 





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