The Blackwater Fever

The Blackwater Fever Shares New Single “Everything Always”

The Blackwater Fever
Photo by Colin Bushell

A fierce and fast paced rock n’ roll banger. Everything Always takes off from naught to a thousand, with a barrage of driving drums and a wall of guitar riffage! A high octane hit-and-run.

It’s a molotov cocktail of punk, garage and grunge… This summer’s ‘Feel Good Hit Of The Summer’ (Queens Of The Stone Age). 

Taken from TBWF’s 6th studio album ‘Temptator!’, set for release October 27th. Everything Always is out now.

A thunderous, tortured electric guitar rips through the room. An organ spins a heavy swirl, like some wicked preacher summoning his devilish church. The rhythmic stomp of an unrelenting drum kit rattles you down to the bone marrow, and if you close your eyes… you can almost smell the swamp and feel the moonlight on your face. It’s hard to believe such an atmospheric, blues-heavy storm could come from these 3 unassuming dudes. Breaking your heart one minute with a harrowing growl, only to pick you up with an irresistible rocker the next, this Brisbane based blues-rock trio are a live experience not to be missed.





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