Priorities Dropped Human After All EP


Melbourne metalcore rising stars Priorities just dropped their blistering debut EP ‘Human After All’. This hot new offering is a testimony to the band’s dedication, musical prowess and all round brutality.

Throughout the entirety of the EP, the listener is treated to face-melting riffs underpinned by drum and bass rhythm patterns that oscillate between metalcore, hardcore, and groove genres sure to get your fist-pumping in the air. Punctuating the auditory onslaught are bright leads, mellifluous solos and a healthy smattering of Mitch Sigge’s vocals that send chills down your spine. ‘Human After All’ is a seamless musical package of cool defiance and taut aggression and showcases a band that is bold and confident in their ferocious sound. 

Sigge on the new release: “We are all so glad to finally get this EP out into the world!  Human After All deals with a lot of heavy emotional elements drawn from personal experiences which are universal to everyone, so I hope that everyone can relate to it and enjoy it. Thank you so much for coming to our shows, streaming our music, buying our merch and for supporting Priorities.”

Coming hot off the release of their latest single ‘No Gods, No Kings’, the groups current and previous body of work has been garnering national coverage and airplay with features on Maniacs, Hysteria Mag, Wall Of Sound, Triple J, Triple M, #52 on The Faction Hardest 100 & more.

Though new to the scene, Priorities have already taken the Australian music scene by storm with their unique and passion-filled take on traditional metalcore which has seen them perform alongside Furious George, Suspyria, Caution: Thieves, Catalyst, NTH RD, Druid more. With more new music in the works and a plethora of shows ahead of them, Priorities are one of the hardest working heavy acts in the Australian Music Scene and are paving way for a bright future ahead of them.

‘Human After All’ is out now HERE

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