V/A - Sounds To Make You Shudder

SKiN GRAFT Records Release “Sounds To Make You Shudder” Compilation

V/A - Sounds To Make You Shudder

150th release of the label, a special Halloween compilation features contribution from David Yow, Tijuana Hercules, USA Nails, Lovely Little Girls, Jim O’Rourke, The Flying Luttenbachers alongside the new projects from the members of Dazzling Killmen(!!!)

Just imagine the existential dread and abject horror that will come bubbling to the surface when you flip out the lights and freak out your friends with this, the 150th release from SKiN GRAFT Records. Sporting FIFTEEN NEW and EXCLUSIVE songs sure to scare your guests stiff, “Sounds To Make You Shudder!” is a HALLOWEEN LONG PLAYER that plays fast and loose any time of the year!

  1. David Yow & YOWIE – The Spider’s Greeting The Jesus Lizard’s David Yow is master of ceremonies and none other than St. Louis’ Yowie has got his back, laying down their first new music since the release of “Synchromysticism”.
  2. USA Nails – Horror Show Formed through a mutual love of noise rock, punk and krautrock, USA Nails made their SKiN GRAFT debut earlier this year on the “Split” LP with Psychic Graveyard. For their return, they look no further than the world around us to pen “Horror Show”.
  3. Lovely Little Girls – Procreation (Of The Wicked) Chicago’s avant prog oddballs Lovely Little Girls are back with their reimagining of the Celtic Frost favorite, maintaining the song’s malevolent mood while taking it places never heard before.
  4. Terms – Mouthful Of Moss Having served in acts such as Grand Ulena, Jitters and YowieTerms bring a wealth of experience and a heaping helping of the unexpected to the operating table. Their album “All Becomes Indistinct” will be released in 2023. This track is not on it.
  5. Tijuana Hercules – Long Slide “No crossing the River Styx” – Tijuana Hercules apply their hillbilly trance to an Ambrose Bierce tale… a psychedelic take on a murder victim who discovers the dismal neverafter. Headphonically conceived in the laboratories of Frogg Mountain Recording Studio.
  6. Pili Coit – Lo Comte Arou On paper, Lyon’s Pili Coït sound simple enough: Jessica Martin Maresco (of Le Grand Sbam) on floor tom, oil can, synth, drum and vocals – plus Guilhem Meier (of Poil) on guitar and vocals. On record, Pili Coït come together – here for a haunting rendition of a traditional Occitan song. SKiN GRAFT will release their album “Love Everywhere” on vinyl in 2023.
  7. Psychic Graveyard And John Dwyer – Is There A Hotline ? The Osees’ John Dwyer takes Psychic Graveyard’s raw, emotion-filled mechan- ics and puts them through the ringer, remixing the four piece into a squirming, sickly, electronic mess of delights.
  8. Jim O’Rourke – guising Taking up from where Brise-Glace’s Camp SKiN GRAFT track “likeness” left off a hundred cat- alog numbers ago, Jim returns with “guising”, where scary sounds are scarred, then sewnup again into something resembling itself.
  9. Cuntroaches – Borborygmus Here is a first dose of the type of noise-wave, black metal bombast Berlin’s Cuntroaches will bring to the fore in 2023. Their full length is entering post-production. No one is ready.
  10. Strangulated Beatoffs – Happy Halloween Now well into their fourth decade of existence, legendary SKiN GRAFT recording artists Strangulated Beatoffs (just barely) lift a finger to return with their first new recording in 10 years.
  11. Shatter On Impact – Amar’s Volta The new trio from Blake Fleming (formerly of Laddio Bolocko, Mars Volta and Dazzling Killmen) takes you rocketing through the eye of the cobra and beyond the final frontier to strange new worlds. Amar’s Volta is slinky, seductive and raw.
  12. Bobby Conn – Don’t Be Afraid A veteran of Chicago’s No Wave scene, Bobby Conn quickly developed a reputation for delivering messages of hope, politics, de- spair, revolution and bullshit in a quasi-falsetto, all the while decked to the nines in glitter, eyeliner and high heels. His third consecutive SKiN GRAFT compilation appearance.
  13. The Flying Luttenbachers – Violence Labyrinth No wave / punk jazz / brutal prog iconoclasts The Flying Luttenbachers’ founding member Weasel Walter takes listeners on a dizzying ride in all directions at once – and straight down where it counts.
  14. Upright Forms – They Kept On Living Dragging behind ghosts of SKiN GRAFT’s Past (Dazzling Killmen, Colossamite and Xaddax) this carbon-based, three- headed organism raise a collective fist at the inevitable dark veil. The debut of Nick Sakes’ new band.
  15. AZITA – Tss Tss Former Scissor Girl and past, present & future Azita Youssefi surprises in the best of possible ways, wrapping up with a reflective synth n’ sax “party’s over” jam that will leave you grasping at straws and reaching for the stars.





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