Sports Reference Shared Video For Fade

Sports Reference
Photo by Matthew Zagorski

Gainesville, FL’s Sports Reference have dropped a new single + video titled “Fade” via Salvaged Records.

Guitarist/vocalist Joey Johnson says, “Fade is a little song about love, life, and feeling left behind.”

Drummer Jeremy McGuire adds, “This song is a long time in the making for us. We haven’t put new music out in some time and it is the first song we recorded with our bass player Rob, even though he has been in the band for a while. We really wanted to do this song right so we recorded with our good friend Lee Dyess at Earthsound Recordings in Valdosta, GA which is just up the road from us here in Gainesville. He really helped us make the song what we always felt it could be; an incredibly dynamic showcase of our sound.”

Bassist Rob Paradise further explains, “Fade came from a few different ideas that we, in classic Sports Reference fashion, picked the strongest parts of and mashed together into a song. It’s the most melodic song we’ve written and Joey’s vocal lines are super catchy. Fade is also the first song we’ve released that I actually got to record with the band, which was an awesome and long-overdue experience. We experimented with lots of vocal tracks and even some keyboards in the studio, which was a fun departure from our usual raw, minimalist style. I’m really proud of this track and can’t wait for people to hear it!”

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