Eretia - Quietud LP

Eretia To Release Quietud LP

Eretia - Quietud LP

Engineer Records have announced they will be releasing Quietud, a debut album by Spanish post-hardcore quartet Eretia. It has been a year in the making and since then, 18 record labels from 10 different countries got involved in vinyl and Cd production, while Three Moons Records will release this material on cassette.

The official release date for all LP/CD/ Cassette and digital formats is 15th December.

The vinyl album should be back from the pressing plant early in December and will be co-released by the following labels: URGENCE DISK RECORDS, Engineer Records, Pumpkin Records, Holy Goat Records, Dingleberry records and distribution, Araki Records, Bus Stop Press, Fresh Outbreak Records, Salto Mortale Music, PASIDARYK PATS records, Producciones Tudancas, Quebranta Records, Sound Like Sundays Records, M3s Productions, Primitive Noise Producciones, Navalla, and Autoestima Diy Distrolabelbooking.





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