Beer City Skateboards And Records To Release LP From Chile’s Banda Destruida

Banda Destruida

Chile’s Banda Destruida is set to release their self-titled album on October 7th via Beer City Skateboards and Records. You can download/stream the album for review below… Pre-order HERE

Banda Destruida began in 2013, when Laiseca and Zamorano decided to continue playing as a duo after the end of Losmodestos trio. In the following years they came up with 12 songs. During this period, ideas evolved until they became deformed and decomposed, mutating from one rehearsal to another, becoming the scars that life left on the band.

Then, a slow process of recording began in stages, conditioned by the intention of discovering things along the way. One of those things was the need to bring in a bassist able to design ad-hok bass lines and record over of what was already recorded. This is how Tapia joined the band. 

After the Chilean social outbreak (October 18, 2019), there was additional inspiration to add things to the mix. The album contains a version of Lonquén, an emblematic song from Sol y Lluvia, a chilean folk band born in the late 70’s. They were part of La Nueva Canción Chilena, a massive movement of folkloric renewal, where the tradition was nourished by musical innovations. After the 1973 military coup, this movement continued to develop abroad due to the exile of many of its interpreters. 

Banda Destruida has actively participated in the independent music scene of Santiago. They were in charge of organizing the South American tour of the Austrian band Porn to Hula in 2018, work they had already done before with Losmodestos for the tour of the also Austrians Valina in 2012, a band that has recorded albums with the reputed Steve Albini, founder, owner and chief engineer of Electrical Audio, the famous recording studio located in Chicago.

The band’s first album was well received by local independent media and one of it songs was considered on the grid for “The Watt from Pedro Show”, a music radio show and podcast founded and hosted by Mike Watt, co-founder and bassist of Minutemen among other projects and who also played at The Stooges.

In 2021 Banda Destruida was invited by BeerCity Skateboards & Records to join the label. Here we are now!, extremely grateful, honored and proud for the possibility to be the first latin band on the label, beyond the idiomatic barrier. 

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