Bridge Of Souls

Bridge Of Souls Released Debut Album; Watch Video For Sanctuary

Bridge Of Souls

French modern metalcore band BRIDGE OF SOULS released its debut album “Iris” along with their new lyric video “Sanctuary” on September 30.

Starting the album off with the title-track, “Iris”BRIDGE OF SOULS delivers a universe-shattering intro riff to the listeners. The album continues with cosmic synths and ethereal vocal melodies. BRIDGE OF SOULS demonstrates an incredible range of musical versatility, mixing modern metal with melodic death metal, and classic metalcore elements. What makes “Iris” a unique modern metal album is BRIDGE OF SOULS’ use of synths, which gives the record a cosmic, bigger-than-life sound.

Listeners should be prepared to go from very dark atmospheres to brighter ones throughout listening to “Iris”. The band claims it is a short journey, between shadow and light, despair and hope, storm and silence, chaos and clarity.

They continue: “Iris is the messenger goddess of the Greek gods allowing the connection between gods and humans. However, Iris is also the circular and colored part of the human eyes through which it receives information from what surrounds us. In this album, we put ourselves in the place of our goddess to explore the human soul and in the skin of a human who faces the gods. Humanity is at the center of our lyrics, and we describe these states of mind, their behavior, and the consequences of their actions. We talk about the soul in pain, abandonment, depression, and self-search but also about the state of the world in which we live. It’s a rather dark album but which always leaves a hint of hope and redemption.”

Hailing from Nancy, France, BRIDGE OF SOULS has a history of sharing the stage with Los Disidents Del Sucio MotelDudes of Groove Society, and Pvlsar. To create rich and varied music, the band utilizes sharp guitars, powerful drums and bass, a beautiful keyboard ambiance, and the diversity and quality of the singers to create a perfect mix of modern metal.

“Iris” was recorded by Maxime Keller, mixed and mastered by Anthony Chognard at CHS Prod. The artwork was designed by Le Jardin d’Enola – Loane Chulevitch.





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