Lucias Malcolm Shares Video For Am Hell

Lucias Malcolm
Photo by MST Photography

Lucias Malcolm, frontman for acclaimed UK ska-punk band Call Me Malcolm, has released the video for “Am Hell” the lead single from his new punk solo project.

Of the track, Lucias says “”Am Hell” is a love song to my mental health issues, my way of acknowledging our symbiosis, and the significance they play in who I am.”

The song will appear on Lucias’ upcoming debut LP Past, Present and Future Regrets.

Lucias Malcolm is a punk multi-instrumentalist from Kent, UK. Over the last 4 years. Lucias gained prominence in the UK and US DIY music scenes as songwriter–in-chief for ska/punk band Call Me Malcolm.

The ten punk rock tracks, written, performed, programmed and recorded by Lucias, combine refined punk force with unfettered emotional honesty. Telling the story of one scarred night in the mind of an insomniac, the vocals were produced, and the album mixed and mastered, by Oz Craggs at Hidden Track Studios (As Everything Unfolds, Mallory Knox, thecityisours, RXPTRS).

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