Eva Under Fire Share Video For Coming For Blood Featuring Matt Brandyberry Of From Ashes To New

Eva Under Fire
Photo by Jeremy Saffer

Eva Under Fire released their long-awaited debut album “Love, Drugs & Misery”via Better Noise Music. The Detroit-based band also released a new focus track called “Coming For Blood (ft. Matt Brandyberry of From Ashes To New)”, along with an official music video. Although they had to push their album back due to the pandemic, the band saw great success with singles such as “Blow (ft. Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills)”, which is featured in THE RETALIATORS soundtrack and now boasts over 8M streams across the globe, their collaboration with Jonathan Dörr, “Comatose”“Unstoppable”, and the Sno Babies soundtrack single “Heroin(e)” earning over 24M streams. This album is filled with a diverse selection of music, with each track sounding different to the last.
Thrilled to finally be sharing their body of work, lead singer Eva Marie commented: “I’m really excited for people to finally hear this album in its entirety! All of us grew up playing together in the bar scene, including the producer we worked with on this album. So to finally be here feels surreal. The album title Love, Drugs & Misery is naming the themes you’ll hear in each of the songs. Conceptually, the title is meant to be a sequel to the old adage “sex, drugs and rock n roll.” I think that generation had a great time, maybe had a little too much fun, gave birth to our generation, then spun out of control and now we are left with “love, drugs, and misery”.
On “Comatose” and “Heroin(e)”“Songs like “Comatose” and “Heroin(e)” present two sides of the same coin discussing addiction from both the perspective of the person struggling and the loved one who’s just trying to help”.
On “Misery” and “Unstoppable”“We have songs like “Misery” and “Unstoppable” both discussing relationships, one is a woman scorned, the other describes my 1980s burnout parents’ high school sweetheart love story”.
On “The Strong”“Then you get to “The Strong”, I felt like this was a message I needed but couldn’t find so I wrote it for myself. We are a band that typically defaults to writing very vibey and meaningful songs so this one came together so naturally. It’s one of my favorites to perform live because we dedicate it as a love song to the crowd. The song is meant to be inspirational and honor each person’s struggle to be their best selves”.
Eva continued: “The emotional roller coaster is not just tied to the lyrical content though. I think sonically there are upbeat bangers, swing-feel southern vibes, straight up anthems and pretty ballads all over this album! We definitely took some liberties pulling from all kinds of influences (from Journey to Christina Aguilera) but we did not forget that we’re a rock band so there’s plenty of epic guitar solos too. I hope everyone loves this album as much as we do!”.

The band’s focus track is a song for fighters, with an official music video that features From Ashes To New’s Matt Brandyberry performing with the band. Directed by Paul Raymond, the video is now available to stream.
Reflecting on the collaboration, From Ashes To New’s Matt Brandyberry said: “I am always flattered when another artist thinks of my voice and lyrics when creating music.  After hearing the track ‘Coming For Blood’, my part was an immediate reaction, which in my experience is the truest contribution I can offer listeners.  I am happy I could be a part of the essence that brings this song to life”.
Ahead of the release of their debut album, the band’s official music video for “Blow” gave fans a sneak peek of the band’s frontwoman Eva Marie’s onscreen acting debut in a pivotal scene of THE RETALIATORS. The film, which premieres in theaters across North America on September 14th, also features Charnas and some of the biggest names in rock: Mötley Crüe’s Tommy LeeFive Finger Death PunchJacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, All Good ThingsCory MarksMötley Crüe’s Nikki Sixx co-wrote and recorded the title song of the film.
This past May, Eva Marie wrote columns for Loudwire in observance of Mental Health Awareness Month, drawing on her personal and clinical experiences as a licensed therapist. The band’s lead singer daylights as a therapist and moonlights as a rock star. For insight into issues such as anxiety, substance abuse, body image, and grief, and to get an inside look on the themes tackled in the band’s music, read Eva’s columns HERE.

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