The Cookie Jar Complot - Cookies

The Cookie Jar Complot – Cookies

The Cookie Jar Complot - Cookies

After the excellent Caviar Capital EP and series of singles such as Cookies (Intro), NEO, and sweet dreams, Luxembourg’s exceptional progressive rock duo The Cookie Jar Complot returns with another fine piece of sonic artistry. This time, these guys decided to expand their Cookies single with one more number carrying the name of the band. Many things are going on throughout both tracks, and even if you thought you detected everything, The Cookie Jar Complot surprises you even more. I used progressive rock as their primary genre, but their music explores the progressiveness of many complementary genres. You may stumble upon math-rock, post-rock, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, shoegaze, and cinematic ambient. The most surprising about their music is how they combined all these elements to depict luxurious sonic imagery.

For some unexplainable reason, I find this version of Cookies more dynamic and complex. It unquestionably sounds like the band spent some time working on it, so they enhanced an already brilliant composition even more. There’s no way you’re not going to love it because it possesses only the best properties of each beforementioned music genre. The melodies, harmonies, themes, solos, virtuosities, and other sonic delicacies are nearly mind-blowing. The way these musicians understand each other and their sense of balance and composition go beyond comprehension. Also, I adore how their music is so atmospheric, calm, and soothing, so Cookies offers that cathartic atmosphere we all desperately need from time to time.

The Cookie Jar Complot
Photo by Nathalie Nicola

The Cookie Jar Complot is the second composition from this double single. It showcases nearly the same ambiance as the Cookies. It perfectly complements everything the band showcased in the previous number but also goes way more into post-rock waters. The Cookie Jar Complot is more aggressive, dynamic, and energetic, but the same ambiance lurks around. Because of the change in tempo, everything seems more powerful, heavier, and colossal. These guys could properly handle even much heavier music genres like stoner, sludge, or post-metal if they really wanted. You may stumble upon some elements of the beforementioned genres wandering around, but the band keeps those sonic maneuvers moderate as much as possible.

Cookies are an excellent double single written, composed, and recorded by two experienced musicians who are obviously knee-deep into all the music genres. The best part about their sound is how they combined everything together, so these two compositions offer a divine, harmonious, ear-appealing listening experience. You can listen to this double single on all streaming platforms.






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