Lehnen – Reaching Over Ice And Waves DLP (Noise Appeal Records)

Lehnen - Reaching Over Ice And Waves DLP - Noise Appeal Records

Here’s another older record released by our buddies at Noise Appeal Records. If you’re hearing about Noise Appeal for the first time, you should know it’s an Austrian record label specializing in many music genres. Their impressive catalog carries anything from heavier underground music and various forms of avant-garde experimental art, but don’t be surprised if you stumble upon more classic approaches to rock music. There’s something for everyone, so I advise you to visit their web store and discover some fresh, astounding music. Reaching Over Ice And Waves by Lehnen is one of those impressive records I mentioned above. Lehnen arent’s strangers to these pages at all. Last year, I had a chance to listen to and write a couple of words about Negative Space, their latest full-length release that immediately blew my mind. Their calmy, relaxing, soothing, cathartic music is something you desperately need over the weekends when you need to relax. Like Negative Space, Reaching Over Ice And Waves carries the same sonic aesthetics that will instantaneously get under your skin.

Reaching Over Ice And Waves carries nine excellent compositions separated on double vinyl. The first thing that caught my ears is enormously good sound quality, where you’ll get the impression this band plays live in your room. There’s a lot of reverb, echo, and delay, so these effects play one of the most significant roles in shaping the beforementioned cathartic sound of the group. The guitars continuously burst with colossal chord progressions, heavy riffs, themes, melodies, and harmonies. Their cleverly assembled dualities shape a thick layer of complex sonic maneuvers rarely heard in such form nowadays. Many contemporaries nurtured similar sounds, but Lehnen went a step further while thinking about building that cathartic ambiance. Lehnen are not thinking about constructing the foundations of their songs based on simplistic chords. They gradually build the technically demanding structures that demand your utmost attention while listening to this record.

Of course, nothing would sound so heavy without more than necessary basslines, which are equally complex as those guitar segments. These low-end tones also support the profoundly dynamic rhythmic acrobatics, which provide immense dynamics to this album. Like the remainder of the group, the drummer is equally responsible for shaping the beforementioned atmosphere. His rhythmic sequences, various accentuations, and drum fills emphasize all the guitar maneuvers. Each instrument acts like a more than necessary piece of the much greater sonic puzzle, working simultaneously with the remainder of the group. Perhaps Lehnen solely rely upon the fundamentals of post-hardcore music, but their sound carries many elements of shoegaze, dream pop, post-rock, ambient, and experimental music. Reaching Over Ice And Waves is a wisely composed full-length that sounds incredible from scratch to finish, and you should immediately check it out. Head to Noise Appeal Records for more information about ordering this post-hardcore gem.

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