GALLUS Release New Single “Are You Finished”


After being hailed as one of the standout acts of SXSW and The Great Escape this year and supporting fellow Scottish legends Biffy Clyro in Edinburgh, GALLUS mark their return with a brand new single ‘Are You Finished’. The band release the single ahead of their UK and European tour in September and October which includes two shows in Germany (Dusseldorf & Hamburg), one in Antwerp, Belgium and another one in Paris, France before wrapping up in London.

The single, produced by Christopher Marshall and Jonathan Madden who have collaborated on The Dunts, Dead Pony and Baby Strange, blisters past in its 3-and-a-half-minute glory with songwriting that catapults you into a hooky chorus that’ll have the whole of Glasgow singing along on each other’s shoulders. Despite it’s up-beat melody and tempo the track itself deals with inadequacy and the self-deprecating ideas of our own consciousness. 

Regarding the new single the band had the following to say:  “Are You Finished is about feelings of self-consciousness and inadequacy. The song discusses the incessant need to compare yourself to others and the harm that doing this causes. The constant asking of the question “Are You Finished?” references the never-ending nature of feeling self-conscious over self-analysing and its futility as a means of self-improvement.”

Frontman Barry continues: “It’s important to express when you’re feeling inadequate. For me, it forces you to look at why you feel that way and set goals to change your outlook. The initial feeling is the first stage of feeling better.

GALLUS bottle that sense of anticipation, the idea that anything could happen on a Saturday night out. Throwing back to the days when responsibilities were few, anticipation was high, and opportunity was around every corner. GALLUS combine the energetic bounce of Sports Team with the tongue in cheek running commentary of life in 2022 of Yard Act and the introspection of contemporaries Fontaines D.C.  

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