Premiere: Northern Revival Drops Lyric Video For The Voice Of Change

Northern Revival

The Voice Of Change is the second single that announces Modification, a brand new full-length release by a Serbian heavy stoner rock band Northern Revival. This composition also features a guest vocals appearance of Strahinja Cerovina (Bes, Concrete Sun). The lyric video is a work of Tanja Žarić. The cover artwork was made by Svetomir Mihaljev and Nikola Rajić. Modification drops on 09. 09. 2022. via Geenger Records.

Northern Revival can best be described as a heavy stoner rock band. They have three releases behind them, EP Mouth Full of Dirt (2015, Miner Records), album Life Survival Tips (2016, Nocturne Media) and EP Electric Power Supply (2019, 1001 Stoned – digital distribution and Librarion records – cassette release). Following their development through releases, it is clear that this is a band that does not stop creatively reshaping and supplementing, experimenting and advancing in every sense. It can be said that, after nine years of dedicated work, today they are at the very top of the Serbian stoner scene as one of the most active bands on stage, both in Serbia and abroad. In their career, they shared stages with world-famous bands such as: Greenleaf, Bongzilla, Nightstalker, Dopethrone, Planet of Zeus, Sasquatch. One of the curiosities related to Northern Revival as a name and phenomenon is the fact that in 2017, in cooperation with the brewery RazBeerbriga, they created their own beer brand, Northern Revival pale ale.

After radical changes in the line-up of the band, turning to some new ideological patterns in songwriting and more focused studio work, production in general, as well as promotion of their own work, NR are now one step away from realizing their latest and most mature album, called Modification, was recorded in February in the Piknik studio in Novi Sad and will be released in the fall of this year. The release will include 9 songs, 8 in English and 1 in Serbian. The name of the album symbolically manifests everything that the band, in nine years of work, at the turning point towards the new decade of its existence, had to go through and experience in order to become more meaningful, complete and penetrating. The key change that basically changed the conceptual, stylistic and formal line-up of the band is a turn towards a different melody (especially in the vocal sense), with the arrival of Slobodan Pejčić as singer in 2019. The instrumental line-up consists of members: Aleksandar Rajić (guitar), Marko Vasiljev (bass) and Željko Krstanović (drums).

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